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Setting Servonaut SMX

Jumper to A-B

Starter (F1) and horn (F2) are actuated with a separate switch channel. You may use a free channel at the transmitter, either off the joystick or a switch. The switch must have 3 positions – best will be a type with a rest position in the middle and a spring loaded in either direction.
Switch input F3 controls the “Martinshorn” - police siren -; input F4 raises the idle rpm to simulate a power takeoff.
For F3 and F4 a multi-switch module is recommended – e.g. Servonaut MM4 or K30T with memory and push function. It is also possible to directly connect input F4 with a hydraulic pump or an actuator, as long as the motor is only switched on and off. For this version apllies: the starter can be actuated at will, de facto the engine will start only when starter is actuated shortly. This allows simulating starting problems. If the channel is actuated during engine running the engine shutdown will sound. Not until the joystick is released respectively the switch is back in middle position the air pressure discharged. Moving joystick or switch in the opposite position will sound the horn. Horn can be actuated at will.

Jumper to B-C

Starter and horn are actuated via input F3 and F4. A multi-switch module is required with a sprung loaded output for the horn and a switched (or memory) output for the starter. Here also Servonaut
MM4 can be used. Switch channel F1+2 actuating the siren and simulation of a power takeoff; but also could remain unused. For this version applies: Engine sound is switched on/off directly with F3; a
simulation of starting problems is not possible.
Important Advice: Both switched inputs allow only 12 volt; the black marked cable is minus. Turning on and off engine sound is only possible when vehicle is stopped with idle rpm.
For the transmitter all additional function like “Dual-Rate”, “Expotenial” and “Trim” or “Servo-Travel” must be disabled or in normal position. It is possible to change the allocation of a channel switch with “Servo-Reverse” or changing jumpers in the transmitter, depending on the brand. If problems are detected please
connect a servo to the switched channel. It should rest in 3 positions – middle and full turn in both directions.

Possible Adjustments
Selection of motor type id done with jumper D-E-F:
Jumper D-E: 6 in a row MAN VOlVO
Jumper E-F: V8 MAN TGXX
No jumper: V6 ACTROS

Additional settings are able through a menu. To set menu use switch channel F1+2. For settings
connect this channel temporarily to a joystick channel.
Please follow these steps:
- Disconnect SMX from battery (turning off electronic speed control is not enough)
- Remove jumper from A-B-C
- Switch on SMX, air pressure sounds shortly after approx. 2 seconds
With the switch channel in direction horn respectively power takeoff you can select 4 options in a
sequence. One move in direction starter respectively siren confirms the setting and selects the next
menu item.
One after another, 5 items are offered.

- Extra 2: Volume air pressure sound (4 steps)
- Extra 3: Volume reverse beep (4 steps)
- Extra 4: Gear shift sound (2 alternatives with 2 volumes)
- Extra 5: Volume of turbo charger (4 steps)
- Extra 6: Horn (4 alternatives)

When confirming the last menu item the horn will give a short sound and the settings are saved.
If the SMX is switched of prior to that, all settings will remain unchanged.
- Turn off SMX, set jumper A-B respectively B-C
With the item Extra 2, 3 and 5 the lowest volume setting means the particular sound is turned off.
Additional Options with the Servonaut-On-Board-Computer

With the on-board-computer of the Servonaut-Multi-Function-Modules, Serie K and F, settings can
be done through the Extra menu. For Extra 2 to 6 (see functions above) values from 0 to 4 are
possible. With 0 the internal SMX setting is used. For Extra 2,.3 and 5 value 1 means that volume is
turned off. Volume changes appear with a slide delay and can be tested immediately. The V6 engine
offers the waste noise of a turbo charger as an additional sound during gear shift with a K15/30/60 or
F30T. Operation

Categorical the transmitter has to be turned on first and then the model electronic with the SMX –
this will avoid unexpected activating of the SMX. At first operation turn the volume control almost
fully counter-clock-wise and raise volume slowly when engine sound is turned on. With Servonaut
controls including on-board-computer make sure that Extra 2 to 6 is switched initially to 0.

Protect module against humidity, moisture and dirt. Do not cover with foamed material – heat has to
be transferred off. For charging battery must be disconnected from model electronic and sound

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